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Best Hearing Protection For Hunters and Shooters: Walker's Razor Slim Muff

All hunters and shooters are familiar with the ringing in their ear after shooting without hearing protection. Many shooters and hunters have suffered from hearing loss from shooting without ear protection. Walker's has provided us hunters and shooters with a comfortable, reliable, and affordable solution.


Walker's has designed a great set of electronic muffs for shooting and hunting. These muffs offer a noise reduction rating of 23dB. They are equipped with "Razor" thin rubberized cups to ensure a tight and comfortable fit around the ears. They have an adjustable padded headband that's comfortable, making these muffs wearable throughout your hunt or all day at the range. What really sets these muffs apart and what makes them applicable for hunting is the built in omni directional speakers. These speakers allow you to hear and pay attention to your surroundings. The volume is adjustable allowing you to hear your buddy at the range or that deer walking in on your stand. Instead of constantly taking your ear protection out to talk to friends while shooting or trying to sneak your hearing protection on before you shoot that deer we highly recommend trying these muffs. The speakers are designed to mute shots and pick up sounds below a certain dB. The muffs take two AAA batteries that are included.


The only cons that we have personally witnessed with these muffs is on super windy days you may hear some amplified wind noise through the speakers.


These muffs are definitely comfortable. They are adjustable and allow you to get the perfect fit, even if you are wearing a hat. They make range days more enjoyable, increase safety by allowing you to hear your surroundings, and the most important protect your hearing. These are the perfect muffs for hunters and shooters. You can pick Yours up at amazon in a variety of colors however, our favorite is the kryptek camo. here is a link to check them out Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muff

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